4 hours and 50 fucking minutes, 54 seconds


If I didn’t make your dick hard, how the hell were you planning on fucking me? -sneers- Just a little boy with sensitive feelings.

Suck balls.


I don’t need this. -gets up-

-puts on poor southern accent- Bye shithead.

You make things SO fucking hard. Everything- every fucking thing, EXCEPT my penis.


Are you fucking serious?

Do it.


It’s almost impossible how you exist.

-sighs v. dramatically, so much drama today- Suck me off and I’ll make your dreams come true BerryBoy.

Do the southern accent. 


This is actually pathetic. I think I might get married just to get laid on the regular and avoid this.

How about we role play? Give me a second and let me think. -Lets go of Bradley and falls straight down on to the bed, thinking- Like those books you told me about- Thumb Sawyer and Huck ‘n Berry Finn, we can role play those boys. 

-thick southern accent- Paint my fence. 


-sips the last dregs of his drink before chucking it over the side of the bed-

What do you want from me? Want me to grind back on your cock and breathlessly pant on about how much I want you to fuck me into next week?

Yeah, yeah I would like that. And tell me how good I am and think of sexual names to call me during- like, honey boy, or the master of my cock. I’m not very good at coming up with those but you might be. 


Such a caveman, the saddest caveman of all the cavemen, really. -stares at the shady group picture on the bedside table- Get on with it then.

Oh don’t be like that, you’re gonna make young willy fall limp. 

You gotta be into it, curls. 


Unlike you, I even bathe. -condescending as fuck, it should be his middle name really. BradleyJames CondescendingAsFuck Harris-

-Reaches around and unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the loops-  Then you are about to be fucked by a smelly man. -yanks down TROUSERS AND PANTS- 


That’s big talk from someone like you, but can you follow through?

Let me think, did you wipe your butt the last time you went to the bathroom?